Adam, the dude who rules the Community Bike Project with an iron fist, asked us volunteers to write about our bikes. I’ve given it a lot of thought and have come the conclusion he’s on to something there.
Unlike most of the volunteers at the shop I don’t have many bikes. I only have two (well two and a half if you count a unicycle). However, one of mine is pretty unique and might be the only one of its kind in Omaha if not all of Nebraska. My ride is a Bullitt Cargo and it you’re wondering what a cargo bike is it’s a bike designed to haul freight. Mine is front loaded which means it has an elongated front wheelbase and a platform where the aforementioned freight goes.

I had never heard of a cargo bike until a few years ago when a friend of mind was talking about people racing them. My curiosity got the best of me so I looked them up and my first thought about seeing one was that’s pretty dumb. However, over time my thinking began to shift and eventually my disdain gave way to a desire to own one. I bought mine right before I moved to Omaha and since space in the moving truck was at a premium and a fully built bike was expensive as hell I just bought a frame (the good folks at the bike project helped me part it out and I was soon on the road after moving here).

Anyways, the thing is pretty rad and very practical. Its like the bike equivalent of a station wagon! I was commuting on it for a while and that was pretty fun. My boss lets me park in the office and the first time I did I was pretty worried I was taking advantage of his generosity since the thing has an 8’ wheel base. Lately I’ve been using it primarily as a grocery getter. I throw a cooler and the front and I’m good to go.

Is that all I’ve hauled? You know it isn’t! I took a book shelf home on it one day, and I’ve also given my wife and our precious kitty cat rides.
I’m not going to do a deep breakdown on parts because honestly that’s not my forte but there are a few things I’d like to highlight. It’s geared to be an eight speed which is plenty of range. Even unloaded this thing weighs a ton (54 pounds!) and going up hills separates the men from the boys. I’ve also got a sweet removable box on the front I fill with stuff. Lastly, there’s the air horn because why ring a bell when you can deafen someone?
If you haven’t figured it out by now it’s a pretty sweet bike. Practical, fun to ride, and starts a lot of conversations. More often than not it’s parked in front of the shop Saturday afternoons so stop by and take a peek.

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