This is my first time writing a blog on the site. My name is Adam and I’m the Acting Executive Director and Shop Manager here at the Bike Project. I’ve been meaning to get on board this blog train, but I just haven’t felt inspired yet. I told Jacob and Zane that they should do blog entries on each one of their bikes, and I figured I might as well join in. I’m going to write a blog entry on each one of my bikes (I think there’s nine now….maybe…).

This first bike is pretty special because it is the first bike I ever bought from the Bike Project.  I picked this up way back in 2014 when i was just a volunteer while I was in grad school. Its a 2001 Jamis Dragon.

So this is my first “real” mountain bike. Let me go ahead and be up front here, I suck at mountain biking so this is probably the only mountain bike I will ever need, but I’ve got a couple more (we’ll see them later). It has a full XT groupset and the MT760 dual control shift levers. If you’ve never used those, they are weird, but cool. Some of the things about this bike have changed over the years, it no long has the amazing Manitou fork that came stock with it, but maybe one day I’ll upgrade the shock on it. This bike is also made out of Reynolds 853 steel which is very high quality steel, I’ve got a bit of a thing about steel bikes so even if I didn’t have sentimental value with this bike I’d probably keep it due to the type of steel its made out of.  So that’s my Dragon.

Don’t forget we’ve got Beers and Gears upcoming!  Jan 24th. This event is really fun and a great way to meet some kick ass people. Get your tickets here!

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