My name is Zane and I volunteer at Community Bike Project Omaha. I recently moved to Omaha from the East Coast because I got a cool job that brought me back to my Midwestern roots. I didn’t really know anyone when I got here but I started coming by the bike project and I just want to tell any of the uninitiated who might happen to be reading this about how rad the place is.
If I were to say it’s the coolest place in town some might scoff. They might say “Zane, you’ve only been here for about 10 minutes how can you possibly say that?” I’d probably reply that’s a fair point but one thing I do know is that it’s definitely cooler than the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian bridge and that’s saying something!
I’m getting off topic so allow me to regroup. Aside from crippling loneliness and overwhelming boredom a big reason I sought out the bike shop was to learn more about bicycles and their mysterious workings. I’ve been riding for a long time but am a big dumb-dumb when it comes to repair and maintenance. Admitting you don’t know something can be a bit embarrassing and/or intimidating. When I got to the shop I wholly expected to be laughed out of the place because of some of the questions I asked (What do the wheels do again?) but it didn’t happen. Everyone working there was really cool and to call them knowledgeable would be a criminal understatement. Adam the shop manager is a quasi-mystical bike guru, and Jacob, another volunteer has more bikes than chin whiskers. These guys know their stuff.
Still reading? I hope so because I want to talk about the best thing about the shop. The best part about the shop is right in the name. Community. The shop is for anyone and there are some really cool programs for kids. That’s right, much like Wu-Tang the bike project is for the children. Ankle biters and adolescents alike can be enrolled in classes that teach them about bicycle safety and maintenance. Kids can even earn their own bike.
In conclusion a visit to the bike project is definitely worth the…Trek. They offer a lot of…Specialized…service and…Raleigh…want to get you riding. Not paying a visit would be a…Giant…mistake.

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