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Heyo. Welcome to the first installation of what is sure to become a semi-regular occurrence: the CBPO Blog. This… blog… will serve as a black hole of information regarding everyday shop operations, events, and the like. Possibly even a place where I can rant and rave about bicycles and their many, many intricacies. I’m Jacob, by the way. An avid volunteer at the CBPO and bicycle enthusiast, if you will. I’ve been wondering what on earth I could possibly write about for this inaugural post and I think I settled on just.. ya know.. giving all of our readers an update on shop haps. I’ve been noticing a nice atmosphere around everything CBPO lately, and I hope everyone else who is there on a semi-regular basis can agree. We’re doing things. Big things. Lots of super rad bicycles are walking in the door. Some for maintenance. Others for winter season preparations. Others as donations (thank you, patrons). We have quite a few old mountain bikes and road bikes waiting around for someone to come beat them up for the snowy (and salty) season. But beyond this, I think that some recent happenings in my own life have made me quite reflective of the impact the bike project has had on me and other people who call it a second home. We’ve had some new volunteers coming in (Lookin’ at you, Zane, Garrett, and Rick!) as well as the same ol’ familiar faces you’re guaranteed to see at least once a week. There’s not much that feels more cohesive to me than the group of pals that have adopted the bike shop as a passion project and safe space. I remember my early days of hanging out at the bike project and the warm embrace of walking in the door with my ever changing bicycle to see people that I now hold dear. The shop still feels nice and cozy to me every time I walk in. It’s a place of bikes, sure. But its also a space for learning and joking and dancing and pondering and planning. This culmination of things has been hitting me real hard lately. We’re a big family of big hearts and that’s pretty nice. In terms of things our individual patrons have been doing, we’ve had Rick fixing up an old Schwinn tandem with knobby tires and a springer fork. Garrett is making a super cool podcast about us, so keep your eyes peeled for that. Mohamed’s been getting into the grittiest parts of derailleur adjustment techniques and planning a huge bike tour. Sara just set up a dynamo on her trusty Trek. Both Jeff and Wyatt (and their respective families) have new babies! Congrats, friends. Zane is a new arrival to both Omaha and the CBPO, and hes got a sweet new cargo bike and a cat to haul around in it. Sam and James are just as helpful and supportive as a ever! We also have a seriously awesome new sign painted on the front of the building, thanks to the wonderful Arbor Street Studios! Things are great and I couldn’t be more stoked. We’ve got some projects planned for the cold season that have to do with reorganization of the existing chaos, and we’re looking to complete quite a few things that will make everyday operations much easier. It feels like we’re all on the same page down here at 525 N 33rd. Out here doing the do like only we know how to, and that’s a good feeling. Check back soon for more updates!

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