Some big news…my wife and I bought a house!

Yay for us. I’m excited to be a home owner but you know what I wasn’t excited about? The move. I’ve moved once a year since 2015 and folks it never gets any better. 

And this time was no exception…it totally sucked! There was one highlight though and that was moving my recliner. Instead of throwing it in the back of a truck I strapped it to my cargo bike. I wasn’t entire sure I’d survive the trip so I wrangled a spotter, Adam the bike shop manager. 

While Adam might look like he’s doing a permanent impression of Grumpy Cat (RIP) he’s actually a pretty nice guy. He mapped out our route and helped me proper secure the load. 

The ride itself wasn’t as terrible as I expected but that’s not to say it was easy. Sixteenth street in particular was rather brutal but I still chewed it up despite riding an preposterously heavy bike. My cargo bike rides surprisingly well when loaded down, and honestly my biggest fear was the chair falling off and being smashed a la George Costanza’s Frogger cabinet. It never happened though and the chair is now safely entombed in my basement. 

Postscript: Recently I acquired a window AC unit. Deciding I needed a challenge I moved that on the bike as well. Adam was convinced I might die but I proved him wrong. With that being said it was much more miserable moving that than the chair. 

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