Another Jacob Bike


This one’s a good one. They’re all good ones I guess, but this one only cost me 50 bucks. I was... Read More → Another Jacob Bike

My Bike! 3rd Edition


Heyo, I guess I’m obligated to jump on this train huh? As it lies, I have more bikes than I could... Read More → My Bike! 3rd Edition

Indexing is for Librarians

Tech Talk, Uncategorized|

Jacob here. That quote isn’t mine, by the way. I don’t have the wit to come up with that genius... Read More → Indexing is for Librarians

Jacob’s Blog 2: Electric Blogaloo


The bike project is full of weird parts and doo-dads that leave us scratching our collective head, but we... Read More → Jacob’s Blog 2: Electric Blogaloo

CBPO Blog Post Numero Uno

Shop Haps|

Heyo. Welcome to the first installation of what is sure to become a semi-regular occurrence: the CBPO Blog.... Read More → CBPO Blog Post Numero Uno

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