This one’s a good one. They’re all good ones I guess, but this one only cost me 50 bucks. I was surfing an obscure “for sale” type app early one morning and saw a big huge old mountain bike for sale. I messaged the guy and set up a meeting to pick it up using the Bike Project’s Surly Trailer.

It’s an 87 Mongoose Hilltopper in the ever-so-sought-after-by-Jacob 58cm size. It came with Suntour A3000 (any Outkast fans?) components and some fun colors. I brought it back to the bike project and started ripping it down and scheming about the parts I would eventually throw on it later that day. A better seat, a Hite-Rite dropper post-y doo, a set of thumbies (fire drilled [upside down and swapped sides]) a triple crankset, a set of trusty STX wheels and a 10s cassette, and a 105 rear derailleur, as well as my old jones bars and b-uuuuutiful suntour brake levers. Oh yeah, and my surly front rack. It rides really nice with studded tires and fenders and 30 speeds. Ice, no ice, snow, rain, whatevs. I’m sure I’ll have this bike for a while. Look out for it covered in rust, stickers, and quality bicycle components in 10 years.

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